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Toshiyuki Yamanaka


Business Breakthrough University; Tokyo, Japan
 Master of Business Administration; 10/2010
Osaka University ; Osaka, Japan
 Doctor of International Public Policy ; 03/2005
University of Cambridge; Cambridge, UK
 Master of Philosophy; 07/1999
American University of Cairo; Cairo, Egypt
 Studied Arabic and lived with an Egyptian family. 09/1991-07/1992
University of Tokyo; Tokyo, Japan
 Bachelor of Law; 03/1990

Work Experience

Recent Activities
(1) Exectives in a rapidly changing world Part 1
(2) Exectives in a rapidly changing world Part 2

President, Global Dynamics Co., Ltd. 04/2010 -Present
 Work as a trainer for business executives and also an adviser to the executives on Human Resources Development.
 Implement 70-80 facilitation sessions a year.
Professor, Institute of Business Administration,Kwansei Gakuin University 04/2010 -Present
 Teach business executives and public officials Human Resources Development.
Consultant, Institute of Japan Research Institute.,Ltd. 09/2000-03/2010
 Worked as a consultant and a trainer for public officials and business executives.
 Trained about thirty thousand people by using facilitation skills and interviewed more than two thousand people.
Official, Ministry of Foreign Affairs 04/1990-08/1997
 Worked in the Middle Eastern Division and Energy Division. Posted in Egypt, UK and Saudi Arabia.
 Attended the General Assembly of the United Nations. Worked as an interpreter between Arabic and Japanese.

Professional Affiliation

Member, Facilitation Association of Japan 02/2008-Present
Certified Master Practitioner, Neuro-Linguistic Programming 07/2009
International Fellow, Center of Strategy and International Studies Washington DC USA 10/2009 and 05/2010
Attend Global Leadership sessions and discussed global issued with leaders from all over the world.
Certified Coach, Action Learning, 12/2009
Member, Caux Round Table 05/2011-Present


“Mobilization of Human Resources in Public Sector Change Japan” (Toyo-Keizai-Shinpousha) 01/2009
“Human Resources Management in Public Sector” (Toyo-Keizai-Shinpousha) 01/2006

Social Activities

Volunteer for Homeless people in Kobe, Japan 12/2006 – Present
Special Assistant for Governor of Osaka on Human Resources Management 04/2008 - Present

中文 讲师简介

山中俊之( Toshiyuki Yamanaka)

全球動態股份有限公司(Global Dynamics)董事長,神戶情報大学院大学教授。
前外交官。前AILA(阿卜謝亞‧稻盛領導者學院Abshire-Inamori Leadership Academy)会員。



英國劍橋大學開發學碩士、商業突破大學MBA(Business Breakthrough University)(校長為大前研一)、大阪大學國際公共政策博士。